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Bathroom Remodeling in Trenton, MI from Ace Kitchen Bath & Flooring

Home Bathroom Remodeling Tips for Better Accessibility: Create a Safe & Functional Space

A well-designed bathroom should cater to everyone's needs, regardless of age or ability. Incorporating accessibility features into your bathroom remodel in Trenton, MI not only benefits individuals with disabilities but also enhances safety and convenience for all users. 

Whether you're planning a major renovation or simply making minor adjustments, here are some essential tips for creating a more accessible bathroom.

Bathroom accessibility tips

Prioritize spaciousness & maneuverability:

Ensure ample space for wheelchair users to turn and move comfortably. Aim for a minimum of 5 feet of turning radius in the center of the bathroom. Widen doorways to at least 32 inches to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers. Install a pocket door or outward-swinging door to maximize space and avoid obstructions.

Install grab bars and handrails:

Strategically place grab bars near the toilet, shower, and bathtub for added support and stability. Choose grab bars with textured surfaces for a secure grip, even with wet hands. Consider installing vertical grab bars next to the toilet for assistance with sitting and standing.

Opt for a roll-in shower or walk-in tub:

Replace a traditional bathtub with a roll-in shower or walk-in tub to eliminate the need to step over a high threshold. Install a handheld showerhead for flexibility and ease of use. Consider adding a fold-down shower seat for those who prefer to sit while bathing.

Choose anti-slip flooring:

Select slip-resistant flooring materials like textured tile flooring in Trenton, MI, vinyl, or non-slip mats to prevent falls. Avoid using high-gloss or polished surfaces, as they can become slippery when wet.

Elevate toilet height:

Raising the toilet to a comfortable height can make it easier for individuals with limited mobility to sit and stand. Consider installing a comfort-height toilet, which is typically 17-19 inches from the floor to the top of the seat.

Improve lighting and visibility:

Ensure adequate lighting throughout the bathroom, including task lighting near the vanity and mirror. Install non-glare lighting to reduce eye strain and improve visibility. Consider adding nightlights for safety and navigation during nighttime bathroom visits.

Make fixtures and controls easy to reach:

Install lever-style faucets and handles instead of knobs for easier operation. Position light switches, electrical outlets, and towel bars at accessible heights. Consider a touchless faucet or motion-sensor lighting for added convenience.

Choose a vanity with knee clearance:

Select a vanity that provides enough space for a wheelchair user to roll under and access the sink comfortably. Opt for a wall-mounted sink with open space beneath for easier access.

Consider a barrier-free shower:

Eliminate the curb or lip of the shower to allow for easy wheelchair access. Ensure the shower floor slopes gently toward a drain to prevent water from pooling. Install a shower bench or fold-down seat for added comfort and safety.

Don’t forget the details:

Install a handheld showerhead on an adjustable slide bar. Opt for a single-handle shower control for easier temperature adjustment. Consider adding a bidet for enhanced personal hygiene.

By incorporating these bathroom remodeling tips for better accessibility, you can create a bathroom that's both stylish and functional for everyone. Remember to consult with a professional contractor or designer to ensure your remodel meets all safety and accessibility standards.

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