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What's trending in flooring?

What's trending in flooring?

Floor trends can mean a lot for your home, especially when that trend is in floor tile. These trends offer impressive results that could serve you for years to come.

As you learn more about which trends are available, you'll also learn how they could work for you. And taking the time to consider these facts is time well spent, especially in tile.

The wood-look tile trend

One of the most sought-after looks in tile flooring is the wood-look trend. These products mimic species, grain patterns, and colors you might find in nature.

Wood visuals match a vast selection of decor trends, including rustic and farmhouse. In addition, you'll find great choices for many other interior schemes at our tile store.

The stone-look trend

Stone look tile is an excellent choice for adding elegance and flair. Create floors that look like marble, concrete, or Terrazzo with ease.

You can add the stone look to any space in your home. But they lend a great deal of visual weight in more formal areas like dining rooms and foyers.

The encaustic look

The elegance and precision that come with the encaustic look were once reserved for the rich. These days, you can choose this impressive floor tile for any room in your home.

You can expect a bold style with encaustic materials for spaces with lots of detail. And you can choose florals, Victorian, and old-world designs for more impact.

Choose your tile flooring trend today

Ace Kitchen Bath & Flooring is a tile shop that offers everything you need for success. Our trending materials and outstanding service are always in style.

We work with your specific requirements to create the results that will serve you best. And we always have answers to your questions.

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